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Welcome to Veritas Comics. We are a Chicago based Comic Company created in 2017.

At its core, Veritas Comics writes Detective/Thriller/Mystery stories that evolve and unfold overtime, giving you small pieces of the puzzle along the way. We focus on a central theme of Human Drama, Evolution, and Growth as we watch our characters play their roles in our epics.


We have developed our seminal character "The Grey Wolf" and his world with so much detail, we have comic series, graphic novels, and novels slated well into 2032 with new books and series every year, multiple times a year. The Grey Wolf is a Cinematic-Epic told through the perspective of Waylan Ash; who, from a long line of Grey Wolves, is the latest to wear the mantel. Through out this Saga, we follow The Grey Wolf through various eras and genres including Vikings, Pirates, and Fantasy. We hope you enjoy all of our stories as we watch Waylan take up the Grey Wolf Mantel in this Neo-Traditional Cape and Cowl thriller and as he finds out what it truly means to carry that burden of being The Grey Wolf.

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Nate is the founder/artist/writer for Veritas Comics as well as the creator of The Grey Wolf.  Nate always loved comics and movies growing up and was always drawing something.  He used his talents to become a graphic design and an entrepreneur.  

He started Veritas Comics after putting the finishing touches on his original character, The Grey Wolf, and wanting to write an epic that spans several decades.

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