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As Waylan lifted his hand to block the light, he slowly started to realize he had no idea where he was. The last thing he remembered, he was at Connell Industries taking a personality test. Waylan and five other finalist had made it through the screening process and were in the last phase of interviewing for an intern ship at Connell Industries, a top tech company.  


Wayland never thought he would work in a corporate office but after finding out his great great grandfather founded the company, Connell management basically forced him into the interview. 


But now he’s waking up laying in a stream, in the woods, with no sign of the other five candidates.


How did he get here?​


What part of the test is this?


Where were the others?  

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We have an unbelievable amount of adventures, mysteries, and stories for the Grey Wolf and all the characters in our world.  We have been working for the last 5 years, building back stories and the story themes.

We have plans to start soliciting single issues to publishers starting December 31st 2020 and several KickStarter campaigns set up for Trade Paperbacks starting January 2021. 

We have a literal truck load full of variant covers for our books already lined up, The stories are done, we are just working on the inks, colors, and lettering so we are GOOD TO GO when hit the play button!


Here is a list of our next Five Stories!


1. Salty

2. The Case of Jack the Ripper

3. The Hotel of Horrors

4. The Legend of Black Beard

5. The Viking

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