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Meet the Grey Wolf

The Grey Wolf is chosen by the Liekos through an internship from Conall Industies. The council researches and invites direct decedents of the original Grey Wolf, Earl Ulmer. Ulmer was a Viking and the first of his blood line to manifest wolf like abilities and could even shift into an actual wolf. Ulmer and his sons would wear wolf skins into raids and struck fear into the people they attacked. As his clan grew and his sons started to have children, his traits started to pass down through his first born, Wolfrik. This gene gets passed down as a redundant trait in first borns that doesn't show until the descendent is 25. Signs can be pushed out through specific exercises of physical events like obstacle courses through the woods, tracking exercises, personality test, group projects, etc. Everything Canall uses to test their intern pool. Agents of The Liekos who don't carry the gene but who are still decedents are always scouting prospects and deliver the invites to candidates whom the board thinks could show the Grey Wolf gene. 

For centuries, the mantle of THE GREY WOLF has been passed from generation to generation to fight the world's most ancient & terrible evils. Now Waylan Ash has no choice but to rise to the challenge.  With a Story that starts at the beginning of recorded time,

The Grey Wolf lives in a world with visiable influences from Norse, Celtic, and German mythologies.  Our first story is based in Chicago but the first Arc "The Last Test" will take Waylan much farther from Chicago than he ever thought he'd be.  

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